A National Programme of Information Technology Education & Development

(An Autonumous Instt.Regd.Under The Society & Public Trust Act-Govt.of India,N.C.T. New Delhi)

Mission has spread in each and every village.    मिशन पहुंचा गाँव गाँव

About the Organization

Currently behavioral knowledge is very important in life, to have a successful career apart from the degrees which we get from hard work it is compulsory to have the behavioral and constructive knowledge. We may not get the job according to our interest due to lack in technological behavior and result into unemployment. In this era knowledge of computers plays a vital role in our daily life, not only in private sectors also in government the knowledge of computers is emphasized. Our aim is to provide efficient behavioral knowledge to new generation especially to rural youngsters and adolescents so, that they can become well efficient, ambitious and independent in life.

1. Barabanki Branch is open.   
2. PirKhouli Branch is Open.
3. Dear all Center Director Ademission Open in Computer Class, 
4. Dear All Center Director Ademission Open CCC/BCC Exam